Wednesday, May 19, 2010

UFOs coming out of my ears

Once upon a time my workplace made us do personality tests, supposedly to help our team leaders work out how to make the most of our respective strengths (and avoid our respective weaknesses).

I was horribly disappointed to score low in "creativity", but at least I could console myself with my high score as a "completer".

So why on earth do I have so many unfinished sewing projects (UFOs, but don't ask me what the "O" stands for - it's just standard sewist slang as far as I can tell)?

  • the Chanelesque jacket - I made the fitting muslin, but didn't go any further. I've been thinking maybe it needs a hood (or an entirely different neckline) to avoid it looking like a failed Chanel jacket or - almost as bad - like a jacket that doesn't belong on my body
  • the Burda tunic dress I made last winter, which I decided to refashion - so far all I've managed is to unpick the baggy puff sleeves and stick pins in the armholes
  • the too-long and too-small tunic dress which I bought off TradeMe - I chopped the top of it off and cut a new (and wider) neckline and torso into it. It is currently full of pins
  • the merino sack dress, which I wore to work anyway - before I remembered that I still haven't fixed the small hole I found in the sleeve. Plus I really want to add circular patch pockets to the sides for a bit of interest, but I will probably never get around to it now
  • the tweed skirt (which came with the matching jacket that had the hole worn in a stupid place), which I mean to shorten and re-do the waist seam on. It is still stuffed into a big zip-up bag full of other potential refashions (not mentioned here)
If I ever get a couple of hours of free sewing time, I will be so undecided about how to use it that I'm likely to just go for a walk in the hills instead!


donnasoowho said...

Oh I love personality tests! (cause I'm a personality type that loves to do personality testing). Did you do the 'team management' wheel thing? I did that a few years ago and I was almost 100% in the 'organising' bit and I got 1% on creativity. So like 99% of people are more creative than me which is probably quite true.

The thing about personality testing is that it helps you identify your weaknesses, so you can find strategies to help you finish your sewing tasks - now that you're aware of it! Although if you're a completer, maybe it's just that your work preferences are different to your home ones?

donnasoowho said...

I just read that and realised it didn't make sense. I think I am a bit tired.

Pollyanna_H said...

Well it was an excellent line Donns!

Violet said...

yeah it sounded really impressive donna. Anyway, I hope it just means I'm more creative than I was back then. Cos we all know that creative types never finish anything;-)