Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Home is where the pharmacist is

Anonymity can be a good thing when you go shopping, especially if you are the sort of person who buys a lot of stuff from pharmacies. I'm not even just referring to relatively embarrassing items like  condoms, tampons and haemorrhoid cream.

I go in a lot for my prescription medicines (for my allergies etc), but I'm also a frequent visitor because of my skincare experiments. Plus - I don't know about pharmacies elsewhere in the world, but the pharmacies in NZ are chock full of pretty things. Things like luxury toiletry bags and Disney-character shampoos for kids, and then there's the more usual stuff like fabulous perfumes and creams and so on that are like poison to my skin...and yet so attractive.

Anyway, yesterday I went to my local (pharmacy) for some non-soap hand cleanser, and today I went in for some antihistamines. The girl who served me said, very cheerily, that I ought to move in.

Normally if someone tells me this, then I know that I am becoming far too familiar for comfort. And I don't go back because now I'm too self-conscious about it.

But this time I just said that I'd only move in if she gave me a 10% discount for being such a prolific customer. And she did.

I have no intention of packing my bags and moving into the shop (it's too close to work).


Anonymous said...

I used to be a bit like that at (the pharmacy near my old work) but I found it quite handy cause the pharmacist used to whip my things thru quickly cause it was almost like we were mates.

Violet said...

But it would be a bit awkward if you have somewhat embarrassing prescription items, no?

Stephen said...

Well not really - cause I always seem to have a billion embarrassing pharmacy requirements so I guess they're used to it. Like the 40 packs of immodium I got one time and they didn't have enough....