Tuesday, May 04, 2010

More space AND more cash

Only about three years after we stopped using them (and about a week before we gave them away to the nearest op shop), I sold TLM's old high chair and buggy via Internet auction.

The high chair which was an upmarket Chicco Polly, went for a mere $41 - which is still better than seeing the boy haul it to the Dump Shop i.e. give it away.

The buggy, a MacLaren (not the racing car brand), was subject of a surprising last-minute bidding war. On Saturday the highest bid was a humble $11.50. Twenty four hours later it had climbed to a peak of $148! While that's just a fifth of what we paid for it new, it's still way better than the alternative (yes, the Dump Shop).

So now I have money to put on my shoes lay-by, AND we now have a free corner in the study AND a couple of feet of unclaimed space in the hallway.

The house looks almost big enough to live in now.


donnasoowho said...

Oh, what a bargain! I could have bought your stroller... I haven't really been considering McLaren. Most people seem to like either Mt Buggy or Phil and Teds... but are a bit exccy. i"m leaning towards a Beema Q cause they don't look ridiculously large for smallish people to push around.

I missed out on bloody ebay auction again today cause the stupid computer took so long to update the page by the time it had the auction had finished! And the change table and cot went for $180. BARGAIN!

Ebay's all a bit weird.. I mean, we could only just up $40 for a (approx 6 year old) Mac computer in perfect working order.

Pollyanna_H said...

Aah, the wonders of the market .... willing or unwilling buyers and sellers at a particular moment!

Angela said...

Great. Glad the sale went pretty well.

open space is nice.

Violet said...

donnasoowho: I'm sure you'll find something by the time you need it - otherwise you can always buy new!

pollyanna_h: yeah the vagaries of supply and demand eh? I once saw a used baby frontpack going for $40 on TradeMe, and it was the exact same kind as the one I'd bought new for the same price at a shop!

angela: it is when you live in a cottage :-)

Karen said...

AAh, were you sad to see it go? Ours is still stuck in the loft and garage waiting for someone to give it to. Ebay definitely has its ups and downs. I have sold some nice stuff for a measly 99p!

Violet said...

Nah I was glad to see it go to another owner. And it I miss it I can always look at the photo of it that I posted up on the TradeMe site ;-)