Sunday, May 30, 2010

I told her so

We are way overdue for a holiday - well I am, anyway. We haven't been away since Christmas 2008/2009, and that was only for a week.

But could I get a long weekend off work? Not on your nelly, because the place I work for is in the middle of a big project to launch a new database and website and there's tons of work to do.

And now I have the mother of all colds - hopefully not as terrible as the affliction which put me out of action for a month last winter - but certainly bad enough to keep me in bed for two straight days. For a cold! It's now working its way to my chest, so even if I make it in to work tomorrow, my workmates will still need to keep at least a metre away from me at all times.

And if I don't make it back to work tomorrow, then all I can say to my boss is,
 I TOLD you I needed a break!


Anonymous said...

Oh poor Violet! (pat). Can I suggest Codral? Although sounds like a super cold probably need something extra strength. Hope you can get a holiday soon - winter is so depressing. Our friends are going to Cairns for beach action and snorkelling. I am so jelly! Our next holiday is in January next year....

Angela said...

oh but the fun vacations are so much more fun than the sick ones

Hope you feel better

Violet said...

donnasoowho: Codral is good stuff, but when the cold was at its worst I was too out of it to even think of it. Winter is the best time to take a holiday, if you can afford to go somewhere warm. Unfortunately there isn't anywhere in NZ which has Cairns-like weather at this time of year.

Angela: I completely agree with you. Time off sick just doesn't count.