Sunday, August 02, 2009

Party pooped

There has been a run of kids' birthday parties lately, including two just this weekend. And of course, I have left the present-buying till the last minute.

So yesterday, I spent the morning buying a present for one of TLM's friends, plus groceries. Then we had a one hour break before it was time to go to the party. And right after that it was time to visit the cousins for dinner.

As for today, I spent all morning walking my mum around the produce market and supermarket at a soul-deadening pace, followed by a rushed half hour looking for a present for today's birthday party (because I was stupid and didn't just buy two presents yesterday). There was a 20-minute break for lunch, and then we were off for the next party. After the party, I checked the time and realised (with much joy) that I would have enough time to scoot off to Spotlight to look for the coat sewing pattern I want so much. But then the boy texted and asked me to get some rolls and stuff for tea. So we didn't get home till 5pm, when I discovered that I was supposed to also buy fags and wine for the boy ( who suffers terribly from withdrawal if he doesn't get his hourly smoke).
Which meant I had to go to the supermarket again.

Shattered, I was.
But then I picked up the new sewing pattern for my coat (not the one I really wanted, but one which will do), got interested and found some energy again.
Still, an early night methinks.


Antoinette said...

I've got that pattern, too! (Yes, I have lots of patterns.) Can't wait to see which one you sew up.

Violet said...

So you have lots of coat patterns, but which ones have you sewn up?
I'm quite revved up about the prospect of making my coat actually, now that I've checked the sewing instructions. It doesn't sound too difficult - but I might get a pro to make bound buttonholes on it instead of doing it myself!

Antoinette said...

None yet! As Austin doesn't get too cold for too long in the winter, I couldn't find wool I wanted locally -- only two or three choices. I could have ordered online but wanted to touch and feel the fabric. In January of this year, when I went to Canada, I bought a few meters. And then we moved and I'm not entirely sure where it went... But I hope to find it before this winter rolls around.

There are some simple patterns and I'm with you -- I think pro buttonholes will make the entire thing look professional.

Violet said...

Antoinette: well I've missed out on the winter fabric sales, so if the spring coat goes well I'll have to grin and bear the cost of paying for full-price wool coating next year.