Wednesday, August 26, 2009


"I've been coughing since June", I told the doctor. And I have, though there were moments when it seemed to get better - just before another virus came along and made it worse again. Lately, I've have been deliberately looking my worst when visiting the doctors', just to make sure they take my illnesses seriously. This morning I looked like a vampire, though not as glamorous.

The doctor listened to my chest as I tried to breathe deeply - I managed two before collapsing into the kind of scary-arse hacking that, in old movies, means you've got TB. Apparently it quite alarmed him (the boy was there to see).

So now I have a new, stronger asthma preventer, some cough syrup, antibiotics for the chest infection and another course of Prednisone. On the plus side, I already feel heaps better than I did 4 hours ago.

It's got me thinking that I really ought to do something about my asthma. I used to be able to blow a 700 on the peak flow meter, no problem. Now I'm lucky to get over 400. I can't afford the time or money to resume my pre-TLM gym regime, which is probably the thing that really helped me. And I can't kick the boy out of the house either (nor can I make him give up smoking, because really only he can make that decision). Maybe, when I'm better, I could try swimming a couple of times per week.

Or maybe I should just buy myself a packet of face masks and spend my sewing time cleaning the house. Ugh.


Nigel Patel said...

At least you have skills as an actor.

Antoinette said...

You know that the quality of medical care has reached a new low when you have to strategize your perceived level of illness before a doctor's visit. I am praying that when the cold weather leaves, it takes the cooties with it.

Violet said...

nigel: I didn't exactly have to act much though!

Antoinette: or maybe it says more about me not trusting the medical professions, than it does about the quality of medical care on offer? But I'm not the kind of person who expects a prescription every time she sees a doctor.