Sunday, August 16, 2009

Because nagging works

I may be a superb example of paralysis-by-analysis, or maybe just plain lazy, but it's nice to know that I can perform when the pressure is on.

So while I have been a prize procrastinator regarding cutting my spring coat, fixing my men's shirt refashion and fixing my denim shell-top refashion (have decided to find 2 more pairs of old jeans and turn it into a dress, then dye the whole lot) - it wasn't the case for TLM's Dora skirt.

When she accompanied me to Spotlight a couple of weeks back, I promised to get her some Dora fabric. Then I left it lying around with very little intention of actually sewing with it in the near future. But TLM was having a very at-sixes-and-sevens post-birthday-party sort of day and insisted that I make her a skirt RIGHT NOW, please???

So I measured her up, thought about how to do it, and half an hour later she is wearing her brand new Dora skirt. Thank goodness she is not as fashion-aware as she is fussy.

In case you're wondering (which of course you are), all I did was fold the fabric in half across, sew a seam up the side, put a casing in the top for an elastic band, and hem it up. Only a four year old cutie could look pretty in it.


Antoinette said...

The squeaky wheel gets the grease! Or a new Dora skirt. Love those quick projects.

Violet said...

If only the grown-up projects were so easy.

Anonymous said...

And clearly you didn't have time to take a photo! How rude.

Violet said...

donnosoowho: yeah I know I should've. But now it's in the wash so I'll have to wait until after the next sunny day (when the washing has been done and hung out to dry and ironed and chosen to be worn by TLM).