Saturday, August 22, 2009

Saturday night in bed

...and not in that way, either.

I had hoped to spend the evening putting my coat together - I finally got going with the construction last week (which is why I've been silent on the blogging front) and wanted to make the most of this evening alone (the boy was going to go out and watch the rugby with my ex-guy friends - I say "ex" because I never see them any more). I reckon I'm about 25-30 percent done, which is not bad considering I'm working with a fast-fraying fabric which leaves the carpet looking like it's had a shave but no-one's bothered to come sweep up the cuttings.

But TLM got me up a couple of times last night, so I'm feeling really tired - and now I have a headache.

So I'm going to bed early. G'night.


Nigel Patel said...

Rugby sounds much less ridiculous than American football, a game I can't even stand the thought of.

Antoinette said...

Hey, 25-30% done sounds pretty great! Good for you. Bet it's looking good.

Anonymous said...

Ha I didn't think that people even do 'that' in bed any more on Saturday nights (I mean why would you, when you can get a good sleep?).

Hooray for the coat.

ps (Nigel - the thing that is much much much better about rugby than American football - in my extensive experience of having been exposed to far more ESPN than is good for a person and also events like the Superbowl in a former life - is that rugby is a far shorter game. It's only redeeming feature. I recommend that you don't watch either of them).

Violet said...

nigel: all sport is boring to watch as far as I'm concerned.

antoinette: Unfortunately very few pieces match up at the pink criss-cross lines...but at least they should line up horizontally across the front and again at the back. I thought of unpicking those seams and re-cutting the relevant pieces but the unpicking would be hellish.

donnasoowho: I'm shocked. You two don't even have kids..