Sunday, October 26, 2008


Just now I'm really wishing we had separate family and living rooms - that, or at least warm enough weather to have all the doors and window open without freezing one's nipples off.

Because, with all the farting, spewing and bad-pooing that's going on around here, it's not a very nice atmosphere. I mean that literally.

Last post about the joys of this month's bout of gastroenteritis, I promise.


Angela said...

Sometimes you have to open a window even though you will freeze

Anonymous said...

At least in Wellies you don't need to leave the window open for too long cause the howling gale will sweep through quickly and blow all the cobwebs away. It's been the complete opposite here 'summer time' hot (eow yuck) and overcast/muggy with a HOT wind. tres horrible.

Violet said...

angela: Fortunately, it being spring, the next day was warm enough so I could leave the windows open for a day.

donnasoowho: that's true. Though you might lose all those important bits of paper that were magnet-ed to the fridge.