Friday, October 10, 2008

Death times 2, or double-happiness halved - A pre-birthday ramble.

That's just a cryptic way of saying "44". Which, by the way, will be my age come Sunday. I'm not really looking forward to being 44 (though to be honest, I haven't looked forward to getting older since I was about 31).
Although I said in my meme that I'd love to celebrate my next birthday with a 2-hour afternoon party, like the kind toddlers have but with more alcohol and better music, this is probably not going to happen. Not unless the boy is planning a surprise party, and he isn't the planning-a-surprise-party type of guy. He's more the type of guy to order a fabulously expensive birthday gift for me, which appeals more to him than to me (unless it's a MacBook).
Actually, he recently gave me some money and told me to order whatever I wanted from Amazon, so that was probably his birthday present to me. Though it's a pity NZ Post is taking it's sweet time delivering them to me.
Okay, enough waffling. It's time to sign off and do some some research into mobile phones.


Anonymous said...

oh happy birthday for Sunday! I'm sure you'll have a nice day despite the advancing of years and crapness of male abilities to organise birthday surprises. I gave up on that kind of thing long ago and usually buy my own presents (or else you end up with something you don't want).

Although I suspect post is not going to be delivered on Sunday :-)

Cathi said...

I don't like 44 either, it's only one step away from 45. But I hope you have a happy birthday, and discover that 44 is in fact no different from 43, and anyway, who cares? We only seem to notice our own ages, never anyone else's.

Laura said...

Happy birthday!

I think you should throw yourself a wee party anyway - cupcakes (from a bakery) & cocktails (make the boy make them). You make 43-to-44 sound pretty great!

Angela said...

Well happy birthday.
Birthdays are not as exciting as they were when I was 11

Violet said...

donnasoowho: I reckon it'll be alright too - for once, we've got fine weather forecast and nothing unpleasant scheduled either. The bluddy post does deliver on Saturdays...and still not books!

cathi: I guess I've only become sensitive about my age after people stopped acting surprised when I told them what my age was...

laura: gee thanks Laura. I guess at heart I'm still a thrill-seeking backpacker with a penchant for be-friending other nigel-no-mates.

angela: I don't think I've ever had an exciting birthday. Eventful, yes - like the time I got pleurisy on my birthday.