Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Elderflower cordial

Elderflower cordial is a slightly herby, but otherwise very sweet syrup that you mix into a refreshing drink. The boy thinks it's healthy, though I have my doubts because it's still basically sugar water.

Over the last few days of her tummy bug, TLM has gotten accustomed to having a bottle of elderflower drink in her bed at night, with a pinch of salt added, to help her re-hydrate. But her tummy's all better now and I've put my foot down - only water in her bottle at night, because having one's teeth and gums awash with sugary liquid all night is a sure path down to the city of BlackTeeth.

TLM is not taking it very well. She starting throwing a tanty as soon as I confirmed that there was nothing in her bottle except tap water. It continued as she climbed into bed, and escalated into full-on screams and wails and tears after I left the room.

Geez, you'd think I was making her sleep in a bare bathtub or something.


strawbrie.jam said...

hi Violet, nice to see you pop in over at the strawbrie patch. It was a bit windy, but like you I sat up by the tussock and enjoyed the sun.

Single Parent Dad said...

You are right though, sugar at night is the root (canal) of all evil (sorry).

Maybe ice might jazz the water up a bit?

Violet said...

strawbrie.jam :that sandblasting can get a bit too exfoliating.

single parent dad: you're a punny guy, you know that?