Saturday, October 25, 2008

bad luck, bad karma or bad building?

Before I left work at midday on Thursday to look after TLM (the boy were tag-teaming it), I cheerfully mentioned that she was actually quite happy; she just couldn't keep her food down. Four hours later, my own stomach felt like it was full of concrete and I knew that a night of puking was a 99% possibility.

That night, I got up about eight times to throw up. I was really glad that all I'd eaten was half a carton of wedges, because those wedges came out with a close resemblance to gruel which has been left on the burner too long so that all the moisture has evaporated from it.

But I had a deadline to meet. So the next morning I crawled into work, just in time to meet up with my SME (Subject Matter Expert). And left soon after I finished picking his brains.

Either I've had an extremely unfair and unfortunate run of luck on the health front, or I've inadvertantly enraged the gods of good health, or those little black mould-like patches on the bathroom wall really are that infamous black mould I've heard about.

Or, it's just a combination of being over 40, a parent of a young child, spring, and lack of fresh vegetables.


Anonymous said...

it sounds like you need a holiday and a bit of time to relax and look after yourself and your family. Your situ. sounds eerily like someone else I know... and who after following her GPs advice to make sure she eats properly/regularly, gets plenty of sleep and fluids, cut back on the coffees on an empty stomach and alcohol has found she's feeling a lot better.

Nigel Patel said...

Ah the "joys" of coming in to work sick.
At least us in the States apparently aren't the only ones going in and getting our colleagues sick.
(But as a medical courier I'm in several hospitals and clinics a day and I'm lucky I haven't come down with plague yet.)
I hope everybody feels better. (And that you don't have the black mould.)

Word Verification: shebout.
You just can't make that up!

Violet said...

donnasoowho: sounds pretty spot-on to me.

nigel: it's probably endemic amongst contractors, who don't get paid sick leave. "Shebout" sounds like a women's version of fight club.