Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It shouldn't have to be exciting

Rather than rant on about my work stress, or TLM's recent vomits and runny green poos, I'll just give you my 5 cents worth (equal in value to 2 cents, in olden times) about New Zealand's general election this year.

In short, they are boring. I'm as unpolitical as most people, only getting interested when there's a threat to a welfare service that applies to my life stage at the time (e.g. student loans and fees when I was a student, paid parental leave when I was pregnant, the possibility of taxing residential house values when I'm a home owner.)

The American elections are much more exciting. But I'm not jealous of the Americans, because the only reason for this is that they could end up with a president who has no experience of the world outside her own state, thinks that family planning is the devil's game of poker, and would only win because she's not bad looking for a working mother of five.

It's relatively dull to be faced with minute policy differences between political parties, which is what we've got at home. But it's far more sensible.


aprilbapryll said...

Be happy for your boring election. That's all I can say about it :)

Angela said...

don't make me think about it

Violet said...

aprilbapryll: I am!
angela: oops sorry :-)

Nigel Patel said...

I'd apologize for my American electoral freakshow but I do kinda dig it.
As long as we don't get the Ku Klux Kowgirl as President.
Sadly, I have to confess to knowing next to nothing about N.Z. politics.
You do have a woman P.M. right?

Violet said...

nigel: yep, and that's probably the most exciting thing about NZ politics. Well, that and the fact that there are 4 seats in parliament reserved for Maori.