Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Running the lurgy gauntlet

It's bad enough when TLM seems susceptible to every bug going around, but you also get advance warnings of whatever's doing the rounds in the schools, preschools and daycare centres - that's just extra stress I could do without.

Last week it was the gastroenteritis scare. I crossed my fingers and so far TLM's tummy has been okay.

This week it's chicken pox, with one of the daycare kids already quarantined at home.

When TLM had the worst post-nap screamout of all time today, I was a bit concerned. Usually the offer of tiny teddy biscuits is enough to cheer her up, but today I had to resort to ice cream. And that only worked until she ran out. Then I noticed the little pink spots on her temples. I was on the phone by then, and my friend (an ex-nanny) reminded me of the symptoms of chicken pox as TLM screamed and cried and went red in the face.
I worried that it might be the start of the pox.

But she quietened down once I put a Dora DVD on, and soon afterwards the little red spots disappeared. I think she's the only person I know who gets spotty when she's angry.


Angela said...

I know it has to be hard with TLM getting sick. I have been really lucky with my son.
Well now you will be able to tell when she is mad; look for the spots.
Hope you guys stay healthy

Violet said...

I should probably be hoping that TLM does get chicken pox. Apparently it's much, much worse if you get it past childhood.