Tuesday, September 18, 2007

New obsessions

FYI, these are The Little Madam's latest favourite things:

1. animal biscuits - these beast-shaped biscuits with the neon-bright icing on one side, look just like the ones I used to love as a kid, but smaller. I bought 'em for TLM on a whim, and now she whines for them whenever I offer something relatively undesirable, like a fruit digestive or mini choc chip biscuit.

2. the high-summer sleeping bag that she sleeps in whenever she's sick with high temperatures. It's bright blue and covered in cartoon animals. She can be found clutching it every night as she winds down for sleep, although she's already in another, warmer sleeping bab. This morning she took it to daycare with her; I only hope it hasn't ended up in the water-play basin.

3. her Nana-quilt is still well-loved, though thankfully TLM has stopped trying to put it under her bum when she's in her high chair or on the ride-on Pooh-mobile.

4. strawberries - stuff the "buy local" ethic. If we have to import 'em all the way from Australia, then we'll do it by gosh because sometimes it's the only thing that'll stop the whinging.

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