Thursday, September 13, 2007

Where to next?

Well, last night was the last writing class. Most of us got to read our stories out loud in front of everyone else and ask for comments, including me.

I was a bit worried, because I've got a cold and didn't want to be spluttering my germie germs all over the classroom. But as it turned out, my main problem was that I read too fast because I was so nervous.

On the other hand, everyone seemed to like my story - at least, no-one said anything negative about it. The tutor was pleased with it too, though she seemed to be pleased with all of the finished stories.

So what now?

I was going to enter it into a short story competition run by a national paper, but the deadline's tomorrow and I don't have any money to get it couriered to their office. What a lame excuse eh?

But wait, there's more. There's another competition being run by a non-profit publication, with a much gentler deadline (the end of this month). The prizes are a lot less generous, but since it's fairly low-profile (I've never heard of it) then maybe I'll have less competition. (I might even post it on this blog, who knows?)

And then...there's a writers' group I may join, and the rest of my classmates seemed keen to set up an online writers' group for just us. And there's always the possibility of taking another evening class or correspondence course or something.

Or I could just go back to painting for a bit.


Jon said...

you can wear a cotton mask when you have a cold- or are worried about catching cold like in japan. they work great in allergy season for filtering out the pollen, of course, people might think you were out of your mind if you wore one in NZ.

mmm, creative writing. i took that class my senior year in highschool, not to mention for several semesters in college. and i wasn't forced to see a shrink by the school ;-)

Violet said...

jon: I get terrible hayfever so maybe a mask wouldn't be a bad idea. Although, since I'm allergic to house dust mites I'd have to wear one indoors as well.
If your stories didn't get you any psychological assessments then you probably didn't write about serial killers :-)

Nice to hear from you, stranger!

Emma said...

Well done on finishing the course and a short story! The winner of last years 2006 national paper competition also did drawing ...

Angela said...

Go for it enter your story. You never know what could happen.

Violet said...

emma: yeah I noticed. And she's got two little kids and a novel on the way too!

angela: that's what I reckon, there's nothing to lose that's for sure.

Nigel Patel said...

The writers group sounds great.
I'm thinking about instigating a sketch comedy group online or even in the actual world.
Depending on where I am in it.

Violet said...

nigel: why not? at the very least, you'll meet some interesting people with whom you can bounce your ideas.