Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Bob on the brain

The last few nights I haven't slept that well. I keep waking up in the night with the theme tune to Bob the Builder, going in my head. And when that isn't playing, I'm mentally going over the details on the cake stall I (and my fellow daycare fundraising parents) have been organising for this Saturday.

Most mornings the boy has informed me of the freight-train noised that have been emitting from my mouth every night. This makes me feel terribly guilty until he starts doing it to me too.


Kazzer said...

The boy should stop whingeing (even if it is his heritage) - he's lucky to have you!!
Are you actually making a cake? That's beyond the call of duty.

Emma said...

At least the "Can we fix it, yes we can" lyric to the Bob the Builder tune is positive. What sort of details are you going over?

Violet said...

kazzer: Good lord no! If I made a cake, either it would turn out great and not make it to the stall, or it would turn out terrible and I'd be too embarrassed to show it to anyone.

emma: it's all sorted now, but the "details" were things like, who's offered to help sell at the stall, what time should they be there, should be wrap the cakes in clingfilm or put them in cellophane bags...that sort of thing.