Sunday, September 03, 2006

Just sick to the stomach

Since Thursday morning, we've had to clean up two or three small pukes, about four enormous pukes and two massive middle-of-the-night bouts of diarrhea. My toddler-care book tells me that vomiting is normally over and done with after 24 hours, but The Little Madam has gotten worse over the weekend, not better.

Father's Day has been a major non-event - I didn't get around to buying anything for the boy, so I told him that today he could do anything he liked i.e. play online computer games. However, I had enlist his help in distracting TLM during some of her more irritable episodes (poor thing, babies shouldn't have to suffer from tummy aches).

So it looks like tomorrow morning's appointment with the pediactric dietician will be cancelled, in favour of a follow-up visit to the doctor.


ElizaF said...

oh Violet, my heart goes out to you! We had the pukes to visit late last year. My top tip is to keep a bucket of diluted bleach ready in the kitchen and if you can buy those disposable changing mats to put under baby, now IS the time to buy them.

Angela said...

I hope she gets feeling better soon!