Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Just in case you're wondering, The Little Madam is still in the throes of her tummy bug. Just when I thought she was getting better - right before we went to the doctor's - she surprised me with more big pukes and truly vile diarrhea.

The latter was so bad this morning that the boy, who'd opted to stay at home and help out, was motivated to get out his machete and clear away the jungle of vine which had been sealing TLM's bedroom window shut. Then he had to stamp out the small family of cockroaches which had immediately tried to migrate into the room while the window was open.

My poor baby has lost a fair bit of weight, as you can imagine. She's never been sumo-sized, and I fear that it won't be long before she starts to resemble those starving kids you see in Save the Children advertisements, all eyes and devoid of baby fat. I left a message with the doctor to keep him up to date, but really I don't know what he could do to help. The only course of action I know of for these situations, is intravenous rehydration in a hospital, and he didn't think TLM is that dehydrated.


The Editter said...

I have a(nother) friend who has a tiny baby with no baby fat - she looks so old and wise!

Make Tea Not War said...

Oh no...poor Violet and TLM. I know just how stressful and awful gastric things are to deal. Hope it clears up soon.

flying kiwi said...

Poor little duck.

She's not trying to tell you something about your cooking, is she?

EB said...

Poor you and TLM! Hope she gets well soon.

ElizaF said...

When out Little Sir was sick, we found he could (mostly) keep down half strenght formula if that is of any help to you .. our love and best wishes from London - ElizaF

Violet said...

It looks like she might be on the mend now; there've been no pukes since yesterday midday, and - fingers crossed - no diarrhea. She also woke up several times in the night, possibly out of renewed hunger.

And yes, flying kiwi, it did occur to me that maybe she was trying to tell me something about my cooking!

This morning she ate about half a piece of super-thick toast with Flora, and about 50 ml of rice milk - yay - so hopefully this means I can start cutting back on the breastfeeds again (I gave her extra 'cos she couldn't keep anything else down).