Friday, September 01, 2006

Gagging for it

There must be a gastric bug going around - The Little Madam threw up at breakfast, and again at lunchtime. She's got a temperature and doesn't want to do anything except watch the telly and cuddle her mummy. She's not normally a puker, so I'm guessing she's sick. Again. I bet it was one of the kids at playgroup on Wednesday, and it was the first time in weeks we'd actually managed to make it too.


Angela said...

Poor baby. Never a break is there

Ms Mac said...

Awww, poor little love. Thankfully these things don't usually last more than 24 hours.

I used to have the boys throwing up all night and then by morning they'd be right as rain. Of course, children never seem to be as tired as us when they've been up half the night vomiting so the next day was always nightmarish. Ahhhhh.... good times!

Violet said...

It's not like she's got a lot of fat on her already; the last thing she needs is to be sick and unable to eat eh?