Wednesday, September 13, 2006

In praise of the boy

Last week the boy came home with a bunch of gorgeous mango-coloured tulips for me, for no reason.

Tonight the boy brought home a bunch of white roses, and it's still not my birthday.

After I jokingly told him that there is nothing sexier than the sight of one's life partner cooking dinner and putting the offspring to bed, he made me dinner and did naptime duty all weekend.

See, he's not just a pair of stunning high cheekbones and fantastic legs worthy of a drag queen, you know.


Beth said...

Is that the sound of a returning libido?

ElizaF said...

See now you have got the baby sleeping at night, Daddy has woken up ;) E.

Rainypete said...

He's going to want to be careful. Stuff like that leads to more kids!!

Nigel Patel said...

I'm taking down notes over here.
Learning to cook may come in handy.

The Editter said...

I thought he was just being sweet, until everyone else came on thinking he's got ulterior motives!

Violet said...

beth: it's more the sound of an increasingly cunning mind ;-)

elizaf: Daddy's been awake for a long, long time.

rainypete: don't worry, I'll wait till he's cooked a few dinners before he has to worry about that.

nigel: if you're taking notes, the ability to dance well is a serious advantage.

the editter: ah, but he's sweet too :-)