Saturday, March 04, 2006

Where are the cows?

Last night the boy went out on the town with some business associates, leaving me in charge of Making Baby Stay Asleep. She wouldn't go to drop off on her own, and I had to go in and feed her to sleep after an hour of wailing, but in the end she was down for the evening.

For entertainment I had two choices - watch Bram Stoker's Dracula on the telly, or Bride and Prejudice which I'd rented out on DVD (and which the boy had successfully avoided watching all week).

Being fond of vampire stories, I initially chose Dracula, but wasn't able to get past Keanu Reeves' terrible performance. Now, I'm the last person on Earth to get all snotty about people's acting ability, but if I can notice when someone's doing a bad job then he really must be doing a bad job indeed. So, despite Gary Oldman's freaky turn as the Count, I put on the DVD.

An aside - I've watched lots of English-language Indian movies, and I get the impression that featuring a huge, exuberant Indian wedding must be compulsory for any Indian director. Like the need to include a steamy sex scene in almost any Hollywood thriller.

Doing a Jane Austen Bollywood style sounded like such a clever idea, but I have to say that this movie didn't do it for me. I'm thinking that if I were a Hindi-speaking Indian, I probably wouldn't enjoy the real thing. As far as musicals go, I'd still prefer to watch the BtVS episode Once More With Feeling.

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glomgold said...

I love Bram Stoker's Dracula but Keanu Reeves is absolutely terrible. Winona Ryder is piss-poor in that movie too, come to think of it. "Eet woz the mahn himself, but young!". Bleah.