Thursday, March 02, 2006

Guy stuff

Guy Food
One of the reasons I decided to be the cook in this household was to ensure that there would always be vegetables for dinner. However, our dinners don't tend to have a lot of fresh vegetables in them, and this is why - I've been cooking guy food.

Apart from the odd (meat-based) salad, and stir fries when I can't be bothered going through any more cooking books, I've found myself making mostly stodgy cheesey dishes. Those're the things that the boy likes and comments on. I like them too, otherwise I wouldn't continue risking my lactose-intolerant tummy's several times a week.

But really, there has to be more clean, green stuff in our diets. That's why I'm resisting the idea of adding cauliflower cheese to the menu; sometimes vegetables ought to be just naked.

Guy Movies
The boy brought home Sin City last weekend. I'd already read many reviews and knew what to expect - violent stories told with a testosterone-y twist. I was absolutely right. Two things about this movie stand out:

- a scene in which a psycho cannibal murderer, played by Elijah Wood, is tied to a tree trunk. His limbs have been lopped off and his own dog about to devour him.

- the actress who plays Rory in Gilmour Girls as a streetwalker turned tattletale.

It wasn't a bad movie; it certainly wasn't a boring movie. But it really wasn't a nice movie.


Nigel Patel said...

I don't actually like to be cooked for. Or cornered while eating. I come out all over in issues.
It's okay at a restaurant because it's impersonal. Just the way that I can handle most things.

I don't think I'll be watching that movie.

onscreen said...

It was funny seeing the chick from Gilmour Girls as a nasty streetwalker - but at least she got what was coming to her!

boudica of suburbia said...

Sounds.. hmm.. interesting. I expect i'll be made to watch it at some point. lol

i wish i could have some stodgy cheesey food. We seem to eat nothing but veg. Ratatouille for supper today :(


Violet said...

nigel: you're a very complex man, nigel patel.

onscreen: but she did have to save her mum from being beaten up or whatever.

boudica: I'd be interested to hear what other women think of the movie. And ratatouille sounds nice; it's supposed to be hard to make, too.

onscreen said...

Nah, she didn't have to save her mum - she was just trying to get rich by using her friends, mun was just the excuse. But she was just a minor part of the movie, and helped round it out, making the movie finish the way it started. (IMHO)

glomgold said...

Uh oh. I think I just learned something about the movie I shouldn't have known yet. I've yet to watch it but soon that'll be remedied! Cauliflower sauteed with some of those little dried shrimp turns out pretty tasty. And no cheese.