Friday, March 10, 2006

doggone it

All the cute photos of Baby which I took on the smartphone since last weekend, have disappeared.

I don't know what happened; I can take a photo and save it, but it then disappears into a black hole.

There were so many great shots of her cackling away at my rendition of Old MacDonald; bouncing in her hammock wearing her auntie H's hand-knitted Anarchy cardigan; and sitting up all by herself and looking up at her mummy.

I suppose I shouldn't be so upset because we have the real thing right here, but still...

By the way, Baby's sleeping peacefully at last, after a full day of teething fussiness erupted into a full-blown hissy-fit at bedtime. Pamol is my friend.


EB said...

Oh Violet, what a blow about the photos! At least you found out now and not a month later.

Violet said...

yeah true. Amazing how many photos you accumulate over one week eh?