Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I'm the hostess

I felt that I couldn't get away with it for much longer; just about every one of the mums in my mother's group has already hosted the fortnightly coffee morning/afternoon at least once. One mum has left the country (a rather extreme method of avoiding it, I know), the sole dad in our group claims his house is unsuitable (is it because he does even less cleaning than I?) and the rest stopped turning up altogether.

So they're all coming around on Friday afternoon. Unfortunately that's Baby's most challenging time of the day - which makes it a good time of day to get her in the buggy and go out to mother's group meeting somewhere else. I guess we'll manage somehow.

It means I'll have to vacuum the lounge for the second time this month, and perhaps even mop the kitchen floor (because it's right next to the lounge). I was planning to bake some ANZAC cookies for the occassion, but if the first half of this week is anything to go by, they'll be lucky if I remember to stop and buy some Mallowpuffs while I'm driving Baby to Slumbersville.

Maybe if everyone sees how "relaxed" our home is, it'll encourage those domestic goddesses among them to drop their standards a little.

Or maybe they'll see the 42-inch Plasma TV and be jealous.


Ms Mac said...

Well, I'm jealous. So chalk me up as a hit!

boudica said...

42"... bloody hell!

Knock 'em dead. Literally, as soon as they start to get bitchy slip a bit of arsenic into the earl grey.


Juliabohemian said...

are mallowpuffs like marshmellows? that's what we call them here.

Violet said...

ms. mac : if it makes you feel any better, I think the tv takes up too much space on the wall and pretty much dominates the room. There's no way you can watch the telly discretely.

boudica: you make it sound like the other mums aren't nice people. They are; they're just to damned tidy.

juliabohemian: mallowpuffs are a kind of biscuit (or cookie). It's got a biscuit base, has a big dome-shaped marshmallow on top and the whole thing is covered in chocolate. Mmmmm...