Monday, March 13, 2006

rabbit fiends

Finally, finally, I got hold of the Wallace and Gromit movie, The Curse of the Were-rabbit.

Rave rave rave.

Way funnier than almost anything I've seen in the last twelve months, including Family Guy presents Stewie Griffin - the untold story (which was in fact not as funny as the television episodes).

Anyway, back to Wallace and Gromit. You must see it. The humour is very English, but you don't even have to be English, have been to England or know any English people to get the jokes.

One of the more interesting extras in the DVD is excerpts of the film as dubbed in Cantonese, French, German and other languages (I wonder how they do the Northern accent in a foreigh language...).


flying kiwi said...

I just watched that yesterday! Loved it. So many good one liners ("Watch out - there may be a large rabbit dropping") and of course the claymation is brilliant. My only complaint is that I had to get it back to the video store before I'd finished watching all the extras, so I wouldn't get a fine for being late.

EB said...

I'd like to see it properly and to the end, instead of a Spit-the-Dummy movie session because most of the time I was doing a bit of animation of my own chasing my son around the cinema. I liked very much The Wrong Trousers and A Close Shave but not so much A Grand Day Out.

Also tried Wallace's staple - Wensleydale cheese - a somewhat aquired taste.

darth said...

its an awesome movie, and so happy it won an oscar!! plus, its the first wallace and gromit movie where gromit actually gets the recognition he richly deserves!!! i love gromit.

Violet said...

flying kiwi: I had that problem too, of not having the time to see all the extras before having to return the DVD. Of course this means we're going to have to buy our own copy some time.

eb: that's the main reason I haven't attended any of those mums 'n' bubs movie sessions myself - that, plus the fact that mostly only chickflicks are on offer.

darth: gromit is clever eh? and so expressive considering he doesn't even have a mouth to bark with.