Tuesday, December 20, 2005

What does one get for the boy who has everything?

Once again I have the problem of what to get as a present for the boy. As he's already told me, if there's anything he wanted he would have bought it himself by now.

I was thinking, how neat - in a cheeky, ironic kind of way - would it be to present him with a t-shirt with Baby's mug on it. He's her number one fan, so I'm sure it'd make him smile even if he didn't dare wear it anywhere. And maybe he actually would wear it. But the trouble is, I only thought of it yesterday and it's now way too late to buy the plain t-shirt, select and prepare the image, and wait for the local image shop to do the rest. Maybe for his next birthday, eh?

I can't really think of anything else which:
a) he would like,
b) doesn't cost as much as a TVR sports car and
c) I can get hold of in time for Christmas

bearing in mind that:
d) I'd prefer to be able to get to the shop on foot and with buggy.

Oh yes, and there's the fact that I have no money (having spent all my savings and maternity pay on bills) so technically the boy would be paying for his own present.

Perhaps it's time for one of those sappy but sweet gift ideas, like a coupon book of hugs (or something more x-rated, except he's gonna have to wait a while before he can cash one of those in).


darth said...

heh..believe me, we have shamelessly used baby darth jr.'s photo in every possible form as presents to the grandparents/aunts/uncles...t-shirts, playing cards, mugs...just shameless good fun :p

Happy and Blue 2 said...

You could give him his own blog..

Kazzer said...

Why not print a nice photo of world's most adorable baby onto canvas (16 for 5 sheets from Spotlight)? Then you can either stretch it yourself or glue it with PVA to a pre-bought canvas. I've done a few and they look brilliant.

Violet said...

darth: mugs eh? Hmm...

happyandblue2: I could, but then he'd have two!

kazzer: I would've done that except I kind of forgot that Christmas was coming up, until last weekend. There's no way I could get this done by Sunday.

EB said...

Put together a wallpaper background thingy made up of photos and/or images for his computer?

Violet said...

eb: that's a cool idea.

boudica of suburbia said...

yes, I'm going to go for "love" or something cheap and dispensible.