Thursday, December 22, 2005

Being a mum of a newborn means never having to say you're sorry...

...that this year you won't be sending any Christmas cards because, hell, it takes enough effort just getting out of bed in the morning

...for not bothering to dress nicely for the family get-together, because none of your party clothes are suitable for breastfeeding

...that Christmas nooky is out of the question, since any block of time in which Baby sleeps is a block of time which could be used for napping or blogging

...for devouring the entire fancy cake which was bought especially for sharing at the family get-together - breastfeeding required calories, you know

...about your inability to talk about anything but the latest theory on infant sleep

...but everyone's getting socks for Christmas 'cos it's too much hassle trying to steer the buggy around the department stores


Jon said...

Take it easy this Christmas, Violet, you deserve it :)

onscreen said...

I'm getting socks for Christmas???

Violet said...

jon: thanks, and have a good one yourself!

onscreen: nah, just the people who'd normally get a present from me.

You'll probably get something really nice from the wife.

happyandblue2 said...

See, there are advantages to having a baby..

glomgold said...

I like nice socks. Can never have enough of 'em! They'll be a smash. Not only that, but my verification word starts out as "socs". A sign.