Sunday, December 18, 2005

Party girl

Baby attended her biggest social function so far, today. She and I, and my two friends from Seattle, went to a pre-Christmas barbeque. In a crowd of probably about twenty other people, ranging in age from about seven months to seventy-something years, Baby managed to be the centre of attention all afternoon.

I'd assumed that she'd want me to hold her the whole time, but I couldn't have been wronger. Not only didn't she mind being worn in the frontpack by Mike, whom she'd only met yesterday, but she even fell asleep on his chest. The hussy:-)

Frankly, I was surprised that being in a big crowd like this didn't freak her out, as she'd done when I took her to the Salvation Army play group. But the boy has a good explanation for her relaxed demeanour. Because I didn't know anyone at the play group, I wasn't all that comfortable. On the other hand, I knew just about everyone at the barbeque pretty well, so I was relaxed and so was she.

I guess that explains why Baby threw a wobbly last time she and I took my mum grocery shopping.


Kazzer said...

Violet, did you know that there are pop-ups coming from your blog? I don't know how you get rid of them.

EB said...

That's really cool that you were able to relax and sounds like Baby has found a new playgroup!

Violet said...

kazzer: no I didn't. Can you copy and paste me some examples so I can ask the Blogger folks about it?

eb: It was quite disruptive in the end though - she didn't feed well, so she made up for it at night by waking me every 2-3 hours !