Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Birthday Boy

It's the boy's birthday today, and he's started the day feeling old - which is a bit rich considering he's about five years younger than me. I've already asked him what he wanted for his birthday, and the only two suggestions he could come up with were:

1. to be ten years younger, or
2. an absolutely enormous plasma television

Well, number one is definitely out of the question because then I'd be old enough to be his mother, and that would just be icky.

Number two is also not going to happen, because those things cost an insane amount of money and I'm just too practical a person to willingly part with that kind of money for anything less than a fabulous holiday for two in Europe.

So in the end, he told me not to get him anything.

But I did. It's a secret, mind, so don't go telling him - at least, wait 24 hours when he'll have already come home from work and seen it.

Do you want to know what I got him?

I got him a framed print of this portrait. I hope he likes it.

Just as an aside, I'm glad Michael Jackson has been cleared of child molestation charges. He's weird, but I don't think he's a perverted sicko.


onscreen said...

It's good to know I'm not the only one who can only come up with way too expensive present options. If its cheap enough to be affordable I'd already have it and not need it for my birthday is my motto.

As for Michael. Weird, but not guilty. The guilty ones are the people who made his life unrealistic from a very early age.

Interesting portrait - multple personality?

Nigel Patel said...

Personal b'day presents are way more memorable and cost way less than great big TV's.
I'm not sure about Mickael's innocence or guilt, but piles of money do tip the legal scales over here.

harshini said...

Why is that a man who termed himself to be Peter Pan of neverland ended in molesting children? James Barrie created Peter not to abuse and scare children but to cheer them. I Think Jackson more like the Panthom of Opera than Peter Pan(the boy with milk teeth.i don't think jackson is that innocent to still posses milk teeth.).

Jon said...

I know you aren't supposed to ask a lady her age, but fuck it- how old are you (that way I can figure out how old the boy is)?

*jumping out of slapping range*

flying kiwi said...

Cool. Of course he'll like it. Who wouldn't want a portrait of themselves? (and plural "selves" makes sense here).

I know how old you are... hee hee.

Frally said...

Happy Birthday! Cool gift too, it's definitely something memorable! :)

Desiree said...

Many happy returns to the boy - if he's feeling old now, how is he going to feel about it in four years time?

Good pressie choice - I've always really liked that portrait.

I know how old you are too - you're older than me...just remember you're in your prime now - hee, hee!

portuguesa nova said...

I love the idea of getting stuff framed as a gift.

Violet said...

onscreen: that's the curse of being someone with an electronics fetish I suppose. With the portrait, I was just making the most of Photshop.

nigel: I thought it was interesting that at least one of the jurors told the newspapers he thought Jackson probably had molested a child - just not that one.

harshini:did you see Neverland? I bet J M Barrie's hanging out with those young boys raised quite a few eyebrows...

jon: My age is no secret - except at job interviews. I'm a fab 40 and it's been 9 years since I last got asked for ID at a club.

flying kiwi, desiree and frally: Glad to say that the boy liked it very much. He had a big grin on his face as soon as he saw what it was. And desiree, it was you who reminded me I had the image in the first place (thanks!).

portuguesa: framing really adds a bit of class to an artwork doesnt it?

glomgold said...

Is that him? I agree that personalized gifts are much more meaningful.

Violet said...

yep, that's him. Handsome isn't he?

Draic said...

I'm glad about Michael too. I think people wanted him to be a pedophile because it 'explains' why he's so odd.
I like the portrait as well. :)

Violet said...

Thanks Draic. Photoshop is great for creating interesting effects y'know.