Thursday, December 08, 2005

Baby's Wot's Hot / Wot's Not list

Wot's Hot:

- Talking to herself in the middle of the night, thereby keeping her poor mother from falling asleep

- Pretending to be really hungry when it's 4am, then flashing a big grin at her mum to let her know she actually just wants to play

- Kicking, whether it's in the bathtub or in the buggy

- Scratching any surface she can get her nails into

- Caleb, the toy doggie that goes "woof woof" when she hits it

- By sheer force of cuteness, forcing her parents to stop whatever they're doing and play with her

- Withholding poo for as long as possible so that when it finally comes, there is no nappy in the world big enough or absorbent enough to hold it in

- Her hands, especially the thumbs

- This strange activity called "rolling over"

Wot's Not:

- Being flipped over onto her front for tummy time

- Taking naps

- Having a boobie thrust in her face when all she wants to do is study the ceiling or find out where that loud noise came from

- People wearing spectacles (for some reason they're scary)

- Being forced to cover those interesting appendages at the end, i.e. feet, with socks or booties

- Being strapped into anything, including the buggy

- Sitting in two day's worth of poo because she held it in for so long and it's now arrived all at once


happyandblue2 said...

She is just so cute..

boudica of suburbia said...


They poo?!

I don't want one anymore!


The Skirt said...

Also on her hot list: looking really, really cute so that people who haven't even met her go all ga-ga.

Ms Mac said...

Would you look at that little face! How beautiful, I don't think I'd ever be able to put her down!

EB said...

Yup, you're done for Violet; she's got you round her little thumbs.

Violet said...

Yep - too cute for her own good, probably; definitely too cute for mine.

Mike said...

Oh! Sunglasses no! Oh!

Violet said...

mainlander mike: it's okay, she ain't scared of folks wearing shades...

glomgold said...

That "withholding poo" thing, good golly!!!