Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas Day

I think it's a little weird that the boy is so into Christmas, because he's not Christian. I used enjoy Christmas because of all the parties, but now that I don't get to go to parties, it's all bah humbug to me.

Anyway, the boy says he believes in Christmas because it happens to be Mithras' birthday. I wasn't expecting to hear that the boy worships an ancient Persian deity who just happens to have plenty of similarities to JC, but there you go.

So...that's why the boy likes to give good Christmas presents. Baby's first ever Christmas present was a big and fluffy dragon hand puppet; I think she may have been a little overawed by it (it's almost as big as she is), but it'll probably grow on her.

The boy got a t-shirt with the name of our hometown printed on it. This may not sound cool to you folks who live in tourist-y places like New York or Hollywood. However, in NZ, to wear a t-shirt with our hometown printed on it is like wearing a t-shirt with a picture of Rolf Harris or Hilda Ogden on it. Sort of "so naff it's cool". Anyway, he liked it lots.

And me, well I'd asked for a little ghetto-blaster; one of those small, cheap, compact ones. I really only wanted one because I wanted to try playing white noise in the bedroom while Baby takes her naps. What I got was this sexy wee thing. We tried it at Baby's very next nap, but unfortunately it was tuned to the same frequency as the taxis so it didn't quite work that time...

Baby's present to us was oodles of awake time; this was bad because she's hardly napped at all and it's starting to show; but it was also nice because she gave the boy, who has a cold, tons of smiles to cheer him up.

Merry Christmas.


Nigel Patel said...

I've always been an Atheist but I've also always taken a perverse joy in getting into Christmas.
Then I can be one of those bad old secular humanists taking the Christ out of Christmas.
I prefer to think that I'm putting the X into XMas.
Either way I get prezzies and I get to annoy the preachies at the same time.

onscreen said...

Hhhhmmmmm, Christmas. Don't really like it to be honest - far too stressfull, thoug I did get some nice pressies. The best being not really a pressie but my boss conceeding to my needing a new computer, add to that I convinced him I needed a 30GB iPod Video toback upmy files..... and I convinced him that I needed my old computer at home.... hmmmm, maybe i can blog from home now and be a little more regular?

As for real Chrisssy presents, mah lovely wife got the a Graphic Novel of the Hobit. Ok, call it a comic book if ya want.

And why oh why am I commenting on a blog at just after 10pm on Christmas day? My wife just sent me out for some energy drinks 'cuse she didn't want to go to bed early. I drank mine on the way home and get home to find her fast asleep in bed! Meanwhile I'm buzzing like a mossie at a BBQ!

Oh well, I could blog on my own blog, but I havn't had time to watch any movies, nor do I have any t watch, what a sad, sad boy I am.

There's always Band of Brothers....

Happy Christmas!!

Kazzer said...

yeah, down with Christmas. I don't see why we can't just buy nice things for people when we see something they'd like, rather than getting them junk for the sake of it. Would save hours of agonising.
Glad you had a nice Xmas Violet.
p.s. got a new pop-up today.

Violet said...

nigel: putting the X into Xmas? You sound optimistic ;-)

onscreen: good for you on getting some decent computer gear AND a computer to use at home. You could've put that buzz of yours into cleaning the house up - your missus would've been really pleased and owed you a favour or two.

kazzer: I like that idea too, of getting something for someone just 'cos you think they'll like it. It must be an English thing, 'cos the boy does that too.

I'm still waiting to hear back from Blogger about the popups.

Violet said...

kazzer - about the popup - can you go to your Internet Options and clear your cookies. Then see whether you still get it.

I started getting the popup after viewing this blog, but got rid of it after doing the above.

glomgold said...

I love christmas. Don't do anything with that religious stuff but the family gets together and everyone has a good time. That's enough for me.