Wednesday, March 03, 2010

My shrinking window, my growing daughter

After I get home from work I have a half-hour window of time in which I can do whatever I want (in theory). It's that time after TLM has gone to bed  and while the boy is whipping up something delicious for dinner.

That is, until the beginning of this week, when we decided it was probably time to let TLM stay up until 7.15 instead of packing her off to bed at 6.30. It wasn't that she was making a fuss about going to bed; more that she had started building increasingly elaborate towers of toys on her bed whilst waiting to get sleepy enough. The other night, she had piled a huge mound of dress-up clothes and fairy wands, the wintry fleeces that she got last Christmas and maybe 200 of her favourite soft toys on her bed. And a couple of library books and a few posters that she'd ripped off the walls.

I suppose we could have kept her bedtime early and just got her up earlier instead. But neither the boy nor I are early birds.

Ah well, I guess it just means that our little girl is growing up. And that it's time to let her in on my off-duty activities.


Anonymous said...

And here I was thinking that the windows of your house were contracting in the damp (or something). It seems like a very generous increase in bedtime. I'm sure my parents only put up our bedtime in half hours increments. And I'm POSITIVE I still went to bed at 7.30 when I was at school (cause the A-team was on at 7.30 and we were never allowed to watch it). Although I remember we used to sneak out of bed and hide around the corner in the kitchen and watch TV through the doorway.

Amanda said...

Our daughter goes to bed at 7.30. It's good as she's getting older we can share more in terms of tv watching after dinner. She's been watching Gilmore Girls with me recently and she's quite partial to Grand Designs. Still don't put anything too scary though. I'm looking forward to when she's old enough for mother-daughter Buffy watching.

Violet said...

The boy reckons that once TLM is able to read she'll be fine with keeping to a 7-7.30 bedtime. But I don't see her and I watching Gilmore Girls together unless it's while the boy's away! Speaking of whom, he has already introduced her to the arguable thrills of Clone Wars.