Sunday, March 28, 2010

From Chanel-esque jacket to Quasimodo jacket

Having lost my enthusiasm for sewing lately - what with TLM staying up later and leaving me with less me-time, and my current obsession with finding an affordable substitute for my Shiseido Benefience moisturiser.

But I did get as far as constructing a muslin i.e. test garment (hurrah, I finally thought of something useful to do with that ugly grey polyester taking up space in the cupboard!) for my Chanel-style jacket.

I had an awful lot of trouble with putting together the princess seams. I double-checked to make I hadn't inadvertantly switched the side front for the side back or something stupid like that, but the back piece look it was designed for a hunchback. The front pieces, on the other hand, were worryingly trouble-free and possibly designed for a woman without boobies.

The other problem was that the shoulder seam was about 2 centimetres too long. Postings on PatternReview said that they'd had to insert shoulder pads to fill in the extra, but if I did that I'd look like I'd forgotten to take out the coat hanger.

So instead, I increased the princess seams front and back, reshaping the back princess seams so they were straighter. Everything seems to fit okay now.

But I still don't get to cut out my nice fashion fabric yet.


Antoinette said...

Too much room in back and not enough in front? What's up with that? Glad you had enough in the princess seams to work with. Won't it be great to know it fits before cutting into the fabric you love most for it?

Violet said...

yes it will, though I'm fairly sure that polyester gabardine (or something like it) drapes nothing like this cottone & acrylic tweedy stuff. They both fray lots though!

Angela said...

Glad you are having fun seems to me like a puzzle that I wouldn't be able to work.
Good luck!

Violet said...

angela: it's a bit of a puzzle I'm not totally sure I can work either!

Pollyanna_H said...

Good luck!

It's sad that the age of bling seems to be over - maybe there will be a time in the future when we are again happily gemming our trousers.

Violet said...

pollyanna_h: oh I hope not - its just so tacky!