Friday, March 26, 2010

Bodyshop Aloe Vera day cream and day lotion with SPF

The plus-side of shopping in the higher price ranges is that you're more likely to be given a free sample to take home. And thank gawd for that, because the Bodyshop Aloe Vera moisturisers did not really work out for me.

I had a quick squizz at the ingredients list and didn't see anything on my no-no list, but really - who's got time to go through about 20 funny-looking names?

The day cream was okay in that it didn't sting on my face, but then it didn't quite moisturise it well enough to satisfy me. If I apply it and have to apply a second layer half an hour later, then in my opinion it's not moisturising enough. Maybe, just maybe, it would do okay if my skin's having a good months. But not this month.  And anyway it cost $35 for a small pot that probably would have only last a couple of weeks.

I tried the day lotion with SPF too, from the same product range, but this really did sting my skin. No no no.

A bit of a shame really, because when I get free samples (or just good service) then I really want to like the product.


donnasoowho said...

Oh dear Violet sounds dreadful!! Have you thought about trying bio oil? It is my skin care product of choice atm and purports to perform all sorts of wonders (although think it would be a bit smelly on face), but I suspect also I am hoping that it is actually 'magic' in the stretch mark prevention category.

The other thing I've tried over the years, which is a bit exccy but a pot lasts for about a billion years, is egyptian magic. It's a bit 'weirdy' (made with love and shit) but on their website it proclaims to cure all sorts of skin ailments like eczema that wouldn't clear up with mega cortizone treatments etc. I can't say that I had anything like that happen to me, but it is pleasantly oily and smells nice. I've used it on weirdy dry bits on my arm etc and it cleared them up. Not sure where you buy in NZ... they sell at Mecca Cosmetica here (maybe they have it at kirks?) And they have quite a generous sized 'sample' pot too.

Tiki said...

Your skin must be quite sensitive but it's a great idea to use the free samples. That was how I cottoned onto the Natio moisturiser I use, because I probably tried all of the samples available until I found this one that just felt so amazing on my skin.

Violet said...

donnasoowho: I've seen the bio oil around and it's been getting major promo on tv and in the pharmacies. But it looks to me like something more suitable for body skin that facial skin. And besides, anything too oily makes me bread out:-(

tiki: yes it is, but it didn't used to be so bad when I was younger - back then, Nivea was the only thing I knew of that would turn me bright red (not including wine of course).
I now have another version of Simple (the one I had before was an anti-aging one - the new one is just the normal one but thicker). If that doesn't work out then perhaps Natio could be next on my list.

homepaddock said...

My daughter had really, really dry hands - so bad she went to the doctor who asked what she was using.

When she said aloe vera hand cream he said that was the problem, it dries skin.

Years later i found my hands were getting drier and drier - checked the fine print on the hand cream I was using and found aloe vera.

It might be good for sun burn but nt for moisturising.

Violet said...

homepaddock: I never knew that! But it did "know" that aloe vera is supposed to be good for soothing sensitive skin, so yeah it's really surprising.