Tuesday, March 30, 2010

non-petite jeans

Good as Gold were having a sale on their designer casual gear, so in my lunch break I went in to check it out. There were Cheap Monday jeans for $40, which sounds really cheap to me because it's a brand I've heard of and the denim is both dark and stiff. I dunno why, but dark, stiff denim always looks and feels more expensive than lighter or softer denim.

I selected two pairs in two different sizes, one was the size I hoped I'd fit into and the other was the size I was likely to fit into. They both had 34 inch inseams, which meant that I could probably make a nice shopping tote out of the bits I chopped off after shortening the legs. They were both of that expensive-looking super-dark, super-stiff denim.

The fit was rubbish.
While I did want a higher rise (just up to the belly button), the waistband on these jeans went right up to my natural waist. They would have gone further, but there wasn't enough width to allow it - therefore, the result was this crazy spilled-over camel-toe effect at the crotch. Also, the thighs of the jeans went all the way down to my knees.

I had truly forgotten how terrible designer jeans can look on a shortie like me.


Anonymous said...

I find i"m too 'straight' for most jeans (as well as too short, and they're always tight in the wrong places etc). I bought my last pair of jeans from Just Jeans.. I find their range is quite extensive in terms of having different cuts (and if you get the right Salesperson).. and I've just kind of gotten over the fact that I don't fit into anything that's kind of 'trendy'.

Although obviously not atm. I might be buying my next pair of jeans from Pumpkin Patch!

Antoinette said...

Yeah, I have had similar experiences with designer jeans. I would rather painstakingly learn to sew my own perfect jeans than spend $150 or $200 (or even $40 for that matter) on a pair that I still need to take up on the bottoms.

Tiki said...

I have the opposite problem. Too often I find a pair of jeans that fit beautifully except they sit above my ankle. I have to have my jeans resting on my feet, to me this is the perfect length. Speaking of which, am about to take some trousers back to the shop for not fitting right. grr.

Violet said...

donnasoowho: get the Egg maternity jeans. They are rilly rilly comfy and I had no fit probs whatsoever (apart from the hem length, which should go without saying).

Antoinette: I really don't mind hemming jeans as long as the rest of the fit is good. But I really wouldn't bother with any other kind of alteration, regardless of the cost.

tiki: at least you can take your jeans back and they'll be at a saleable length. If I buy jeans, I have to wear 'em rolled up for a while, not wanting to cut the legs off until I'm quite sure they are a keeper. But I suppose at least it's easier to shorten jeans than lengthen them!