Sunday, March 07, 2010

Fair fare

I took TLM down to the community fair this morning. It was still manageably quiet at around 9.30, but an hour later we had experienced a veritable tsunami of humanity in the streets.

And there's this thing - first thing in the morning we walked past several food stalls just setting up with promisingly good food. But by 11.30 when my tummy's rumbling and TLM's stumbling, all I can find are hot dog stands and chips that've been sitting in the warmer for too long.

Fairs aren't half as fun you don't spend any money at all, so I tried to set a limit of $10. We scraped by on $13, which we spent on:
1 windmill
1 lucky dip (a crappy Barbie phone that makes godawful noise when you push the buttons)
1 balloon animal
1 raffle ticket
1 pot of chips and a fishball kebab.

TLM looked longingly at the bouncy castle, but they are never good value because they cost three bucks and she tends to want to leave after about 30 seconds. Fortunately, the zoo was having a Children's Day celebration and she got free bounces there when the boy took her in the afternoon.

A good day - I even got a couple of hours free to do some sewing. I made a mock wrap top in a slinky knit which fits great but is marred by an unflattering print.


donnasoowho said...

Sounds like it was fun anyway. I always get sucked in by the toffee apples... which always looks so alluring and yet taste so rubbish!!

Angela said...

those places always cost but are fun. I am glad TLM got to bounce.
I love the feeling of being at a fair, everyone just seems excited.

Violet said...

donnasoowho: they only use soft apples with the texture of mouldy wood, to make toffee apples y'know.

angela: yeah they are fun, and the atmosphere is is always so happy.