Tuesday, February 23, 2010


For a long time I resisted the allure of the Chanel style jacket, mainly because I didn't think that the boxy shape, high rough neckline and cropped length would be very flattering on my body shape. But I have always loved the look of those tweeds and boucles that the genuine articles are made from.

And then one day I walked into my favourite fabric store and saw a lovely orangey fabric that looked perfect for a Chanel-esque jacket. But I had to walk away from it because orange is soooo not my colour.

I went back there the day after the boy's redundancy tax credits came through.
To cut a long story short, I ended up buying the lime green version, plus matching polyester satin for lining.  It's way more green-y and less grey than the photo suggests, and the satin looks kinda brown unless the light is shining on it. I would have preferred..I dunno, pink and lime green or maybe even something in violet or emerald green. But around these parts, the range of fabrics available for home sewers is pitifully restricted.

I'm going to use the celebrated Vogue 7975, which has a nipped in waist and the potential for the upper facing to flip down flatteringly while I'm wearing it (either View A without the ribbon ties, or View C with patch pockets instead of welts).

But it's highly likely that I won't be going the whole couture hog. This is because:
  1. I'm too stingy to buy that back issue of Threads magazine that tells you how to quilt the lining and I haven't yet found freely available instructions online
  2. The only chains I have come across are those el cheapo necklaces that you wear to go clubbing (or whatever it is young 'uns do these days), or the chunky ones that cyclists use to prevent their bikes from walking away
  3. there'd be a lot of hand sewing involved
I know, you're saying "she don't even know how to make a 4-gore skirt without it going all monster on her - what makes her think she can handle a tailored jacket?"

And my answer is...I just want to make something that I can get excited about.


donnasoowho said...

Sounds exciting, although like a lot of hard work...(spoken from girl who doesn't even gem her own trousers...). Good luck!

Violet said...

donnasoowho: you wouldn't catch me gemming my trousers either. So tacky!