Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Call it the Northern hemisphere influence, or a late start to summer

I've never had my colours done, but I'm pretty sure I'm a Winter. I also seem to be a Winter in my clothing preferences. Maybe it's because now I'm older I am no longer happy to walk around in shorts and tank tops (well not in public anyway). I dunno - but anyway I do find it hard to get really excited about summer fashion, but am always interested in looking at great boots, jackets and dresses that go with black opaque tights.

So, while I ought to be focusing my sewing energies on, say, some cool summer tunic tops or - heaven forbid - aprons and whatnot to give away as Christmas presents...I am thinking of making a jacket.

Those peter pan collared jackets really appeal to me, but I have to find one that doesn't go all the way up to one's chin, which is a sure way get that no-neck look.
So here are some patterns that I'm considering:

New Look 6852 (the pinky coloured one at the bottom)

New Look 6736 (the shorter one)

Vogue 8300 (the green one)

Vogue 8623

Actually, Simplicity 4412 would be perfect - but the shop that sells Simplicity patterns is too far to get to in my lunch break, and anyway it's out of print :-(
(which is why this is the only image I could find for it in the five minutes I gave myself)


Pollyanna_H said...

Very gorgeous. And we may not get a summer anyway at this rate.

Anonymous said...

Aprons eh? I"m not quite sure how I"d feel about being given an apron for Christmas? Even if was a handmade one... I find it hard to visualise the pictures on the pattens as actual clothes on a person. Why do they make them such bright colours?

Violet said...

Pollyanna_H - I read a blog someone, from someone in similarly untropical climes, who said that the only difference between her spring wardrobe and her winter one was the colours.

donnasoowho: they are probably bright because bright colours were in when they designed the clothes! I'd have thought you of all people could probably do with an apron what with all the cooking and baking you seem to do. You must be very neat and tidy.

Anonymous said...

That's a good point - I could wear an apron. I actually sort of did get an apron for Christmas last year (I remembered after making that flippant comment). Ray's mum made me a pinafore which was based on an apron design (out of this fancy american aprons book she has). I thought it looked a bit like a maternity smock...

Violet said...

Yeah retro aprons are very big at the moment...among people who sew home stuff anyway.