Monday, December 14, 2009

Finally, the end to my shirt refashion

It started out as an attempt at clevergirl's "man's dress shirt transformed into woman's shirt dress". The boy had donated a lovely designer shirt with fine blue, black and white pin stripes and pale blue french cuffs. He said he'd stopped wearing it because of the ironing. And I felt that I really had to not stuff it up completely. I was really keen to keep the french cuffs, and also wanted to make a garment with longish sleeves so I could wear it in winter.

Unfortunately, although the shirt was an XL, I am not an XSML. There just wasn't enough fabric in the right places, for me to turn the shirt into a shirt dress - well not one that I could fit into, anyway.

Also, without a dress form (or willing slave to pin-fit it to my body), I wasn't able to properly fit the sleeves back onto the torso of the shirt without it looking like I was trying to wear a man's shirt.

Eventually I bought New Look 6808, intending to make the view represented by the pink top with the side-on bow, with long, french-cuffed sleeves.

And I did make it. But when I put the sleeves on, well...let's just say it was not a flattering look. It probably didn't help that, with my wide torso, I should not be wearing tops that stop at the top of my hips. Nor tops that are fitted at the waist. Nor pale blue fabrics.

Go on, chortle. You know you want to.

After a couple of sleepless nights trying to figure out how to save it, I decided to just get rid of the sleeves. My arms are probably the skinniest part of me, so showing them might overcome the lack of attractiveness everywhere else.

This is way better, especially if I can remain upright while wearing it. Because othewise I keep wanting to adjust it.

What I've learned from this tortuous experience - that I still have much to learn about what styles suit me.


Anonymous said...

Looks much better as a top. Very summery! The other thing just looked like a shirt with something stuck to it ;-)

Amanda said...

Well I did have little chortle. The first version is kind of Little House on the Prairie which you are not.

I like the second one though. It's more urban and looks good.

Violet said...

Yep, those puffy sleeves on that top are a real style-killer!

Antoinette said...

I like the sleeveless version best, too. If I had more curves on me, I think a nipped-in waist would look great, but with a slightly longer length than your sleeved version. Don't feel discouraged! Refashioning is all about experimentation and learning. You can use all this experience on your next one.

Your blog is the third I've read this week with mention of exploring personal style. A neverending quest!

Pollyanna_H said...

Very nice Violet!

Tiki said...

Love the final version, very cool. You are so talented, it makes me a bit jealous really. Are you self-taught?

Violet said...

Antoinette: my shirt was originally longer - around mid-hip level. But I was under the influence of Clinton & Stacey when I decided to shorten it. And it was only after I finished it, that I realised my tragic mistake!

pollyanna_h: thanks, I try...

tiki: Nah, I'm just a jill of all trades with serial obsessions! FYI I did clothing and textiles at school up to School C level and after that I was on my own.

Kyle said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog! I made that New Look shirt last year and I had such a hard time with that collar--your collar looks great!

Violet said...

kyle: I think it took me at least 3 goes to get that collar to work (it might have helped if I'd read the instructions properly!)