Friday, December 04, 2009


There is this shop I walk past on my way to work called Calico Jack's or some such name. Being where it is i.e. in the middle of boho-ville, I have never been inside. The shop window is always full of freaky spider-web patterned tights and tartan trousers a la Westwood, which I find highly amusing and sometimes even quite cool - but not anything I would wear. In other words, it is probably too young for me.

So I went in today and found that it is in fact a pirate shop (according to the chatty young man who charmingly called me darlin'.

Apart from the freaky tights and the tartan trou and the safety pin-trimmed corset mini dresses, are:
  • little hand bags in the shape of almost-cute monsters
  • tins of plasters decorated with fairies, monsters or skulls and crossbones
  • books of pirate tattoos
  • cigarette cases covered in voluptuous gypsy women sporting eye patches
I even found a few things that I would like to get as Christmas prezzies for the niece and nephew. But first I have to check out the bong shop up the road - they have fake-tattoo ink and invisible paints that glow in sunlight.


Antoinette said...

Pirate shop! How cool! Of course it had a Vivienne Westwood feel. Of course!

Violet said...

They didn't have any mini-crinis though - and if they did well they wouldn't have been in my size ;-)

Angela said...

Sounds like a fun shop. Gregory keeps acting like a pirate and asking for an eye patch.

Violet said...

Ooh TLM had one of those - but it didn't look very comfortable though!