Sunday, December 13, 2009

Santa gets it wrong

We had two children's Christmas parties to attend, in the space of 3 days - both of which required the donation of a named, wrapped present so that Santa wouldn't have to turn up empty handed.

Now, TLM has been very vocal lately about what she want's for Christmas. She would like lots of love-heart jewellery.

This might be why she was slightly deflated when she opened up Santa's first present, the first Christmas party, to find that it was a pair of bracelets covered in a tiny cherry print. (Fortunately, she does like them now.)

I hoped that TLM would feel better about her second present from Santa, presented to her at the Chinese pre-school Christmas party. It was a green tartan handbag in the shape of a scary monster (it even had bloodshot eyes and sharp teeth). I'd bought it with my 6 year old niece in mind, but changed my mind after seeing the battery-operated voice-changer (3 different voices!). Well...I was very extremely wrong. TLM hated it. She even started getting teary-eyed and whiny - though that might have been also because she was a bit tired. Anyway I felt like a terrible failure as gift-selector.

Then my niece did something really kind and lovely. She offered TLM her present of Dora pens, declaring that she was too old for Dora. TLM was once again all smiles. And when I offered the niece the rejected monster handbag, she was all smiles too.


April said...

That sounds like a great handbag! I personally would have loved it. I'm glad that my son doesn't show personal preferences yet (although he points out Dora in the stores) so I'm free to get whatever MY heart desires for him ... haha!

Antoinette said...

It can be a real trick to get it just right with little ones. Glad it worked out in the end.

Tiki said...

What a lovely wee niece you have. Two happy girls are always better than one.

Violet said...

Yes it's a really heart-warmer to witness such nice behaviour (from the niece, not the ungrateful daughter).

Lumpyheadsmom said...

Oh, Santa just mixed up the gift tags. He still got it right.

Violet said...

What I did afterwards was suggest to TLM that next year we write Santa a letter and tell him what she wants, just to make sure he gets it right.