Thursday, December 17, 2009

Nothing to wear

This happens every bluddy time.

I get an invite to a wedding...and I have nothing to wear.

The last wedding I went to was over a year ago in mid-winter. I managed to find a nice enough dress to wear, that looked nice with black shoes and black opaque tights.

But this one is in summer. Also, that dress is now too tight for me.

I have considered buying evening wear ahead of time, so that these last minute panics don't happen. But what's the point if I get too fat to wear it by the time I need it?

Can anyone recommend a shop that sells glamorous-looking tents?


Charlie Anonymous said...

Too bad women can't rent formal wear like men can.

Antoinette said...

Pick up one of those Japanese pattern books. With some fantastic fabric, these are the most flattering tents you'll find. I'm working on my first dress/ tent from a Japanese pattern book right now.

Violet said...

nigel: yeah we can - but I'm not exactly standard size, so I reckon I'd have a lot of trouble finding something suitable.

Antoinette: I've never seen those here. If I had plenty of notice (like about 4 months!) I would have considered buying some slinky fabric and using it on a simple dress pattern. But with only about 3 weeks to go, well I just don't I'd do it in time.