Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Mummy's got a brand new project

Recently I've decided to accept my slightly unhealthy obsession with fashion; like all my previous obsessions, it's just a matter of giving in to it until it's out of my system. I'd predict that, at most, I've another 18 months before I'm ready to move onto something else.

This is a little at odds with my need to rein in my spending, what with being out of work and all. So the aim will be to minimise the glossy magazines and make do with fashion blogs and related websites.

I'm also going to sew.

Actually I'm kinda excited about it, because it'll provide me with a creative release and a cheaper way to get style-y.

There is the possiblity of ending up with masses of almost-dresses, held together only by crooked tacking and destined to be completely dated by the time they're finished. There is also the possibility of having to scan the living room floor with a large magnet at least once a day, to avoid pin-in-foot disease.

But it'll keep me off the streets (at least, once I've chased down some patterns and fabric etc).


Anonymous said...

oh that is exciting - but can you sew? I only say this cause i occasionally get excited about the prospect of being able to create my own, cheap/unique wardrobe items. Unfortunately the only thing I can sew is my two fingers together.

I"m currently excited by how cheap and easy it is to grow 'plants' from seeds.

Also, wee-ing on your lemon tree is probably quite an inexpensive way to entertain yourself too ;-)

Violet said...

that's a pretty valid point, donnasoowho. Yes I can - sort of an advanced beginner. I did it for School Certificate :-). But I stay away from really expensive or slippery fabrics, and it's got more chance of getting finished if it's an easy pattern that promised to take only an hour!
I'm no good with plants. I nearly killed my yucca, and those things are pretty damned hardy.
Speaking of weeing on lemon trees, I reckon the fruitage went downhill soon after I stopped having those big parties where the guys tended to use the "outside loo"...

Anonymous said...

Yeah you must be pretty slack if you killed a yucca. The Chairman donated 3 to me (hand me downs from her mother) which she had almost killed (I think she'd been dipping the leaves in acid or something) and all I did was put some fish emulsion on them and they are super good now!

But I can't sew. Or knit. Anything apart from smurf blankets.

Angela said...

Sounds like fun.
We are avoiding metal Christmas hook because of the fear of being stuck.
I am afraid that plastic needles wont work for you though

PBS said...

That is just the PERFECT way to indulge your new obsession with fashion. Very clever, have fun!

Violet said...

donnasoowho: I'm not slack, just very relaxed with houseplants.

angela: nah plastic won't work, but thanks for the thought ;-)

PBS: yes, it's been fun so far. Mind you, no-one's been stabbed yet...