Sunday, December 14, 2008

The annual Christmas letter

Actually, I never do these. But if I did, then this year's letter would go something like this...

Dear Friends and family,

It's hard to believe another year is nearly over with, isn't it? I hope you're well and aren't too badly affected by the economic downturn that those irresponsible Americans are putting the rest of the world through.

TLM is doing well at daycare; at the parent-teacher meeting I was told that she has "outstanding" knowledge and vocabulary. I told her that this is due to all the DVDs she watches, though the teacher might have thought I was joking. I am thinking of enrolling TLM in Chinese and/or ballet classes next year. What a pity there are no classes that teach both at the same time; it might be cheaper. Oh yes, and she has started sleeping in a big kids' bed. It has been a week and she has only fallen out twice.

As you know, I was thinking of going back to work as a technical writer. Well, I did indeed get some work in that area! But then I got fired so I'm back to being a stay-at-home mum until I get another contract or permanent job. But in the meantime I am using my free time to do 7 months' worth of housework that didn't get done while I was working.

The boy is well; he is still expanding his collection of electronic games and wants to rearrange his study so that half of it (not my half, I hope!) can have his XBOX, PS2, Game Cube and Wii consoles set up permanently. Fair enough, I suppose, as he doesn't spend every night at the pub like some dads.

Well, I'd better sign off now. Write back soon and I hope the rehab is going well.


Or something like that.


Make Tea Not War said...

We are thinking about reorganizing the study- which is basically just functioning as a de facto extra wardrobe/storage space as a gaming space. It's increasingly getting to be a bit of a struggle fitting all the things we individually want to do- tv, dvds, games, listening to music, working quietly on my laptop etc into just the one space. Oh the trials of the techno-geeky middle class...

Violet said...

Oh I know! And we still haven't found a gadget cabinet to fit all those darn consoles...

Nigel Patel said...

And it's totally my fault!
I defaulted like a full year before everybody else saw it was the cool thing to do.

PBS said...

That's such a cool idea, to write "The annual Christmas letter" on your blog. May I borrow it as a meme?

Violet said...

nigel: I've never done one actually :-)

pbs: sure you can. But I won't take credit for the idea. I'm sure I'm only the millionth person to have done this!

Angela said...

Too funny.
Yes our economy is making the rest of the world a bit frustrated isn't it.
Glad you got a bit of work, but that is the way it goes as soon as you have a project set up another one comes along.

Good for TLM and I am surprised you have kept her out of a big girl bed until now. Does she continue sleeping once fallen?

I had the same cleaning issues once I quit working.
Good luck with all that.

Violet said...

angela: I was all for keeping TLM in a cot until she is toilet-trained for nighttimes! But as she will have to sleep in a normal bed while we're on holiday, I thought it wise to get her used to the idea beforehand.