Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The Day After Tomorrow, last night

It was TV last night and there was nothing better to view.

The Day After Tomorrow could be the movie to convince the masses that climate change is a load of bullshit. Because, if you can believe that the world (well - Tokyo, New York and LA, at least) can shift from "normal" to ice age in a matter of days, then you'd have to be a moron. And if that scenario is unbelievable, then how believable is the idea that it could happen over a few decades?

Those tornadoes over LA were pretty impressive, though.

But not impressive enough to stop me from turning the telly off so I could get the dishes done and get myself off to bed.


Nigel Patel said...

Are you suggesting that Hollywood could be full of crap? *gasp*
But really, Tokyo could probably use a good ice age to send Godzilla off to warmer shores.

Violet said...

nigel: Hmm...didn't Godzilla get her comeuppence at the end of the movie?

Nigel Patel said...

There's another 'zilla around every corner in Movieland.
But I've never seen one slogging through icey waters.

Angela said...

You know what I figured that came after The day after tomorrow...
Water world.
I figure it all makes sence