Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Busy all of a sudden

Just when I have a sexy top and nice trousers to sew up for our holiday getaway at the seaside, it looks like I won't have the time to do any sewing after all:

  • I found myself a couple of days's work this week (which is great, because soon I'll have money to buy Christmas presents), so Monday and Tuesday were busy. Plus, I didn't finish what I'm being paid to do, so I'll go back in to work on Thursday morning to get it all done.

  • Wednesday is TLM's day with her mum, and we're going to take my mum for a morning out (to the bank and the supermarket - how exciting).

  • Thursday I have to practice deep-frying wontons for TLM's daycare's Christmas party. Hopefully there will be some left over from practice, that are actually nice to eat.

  • Friday I have Christmas lunch with the pimp - it's free and I get to go "Hi! Merry Christmas! Why haven't you been returning my calls?"

  • And then it's the weekend, 2 days of Christmas shopping...then it's Christmas.

    Not that I'm complaining.

    Anonymous said...

    ah the deep frying challenge. I"m really rubbish at deep frying and usually only get it all sorted with the temperature and stuff by the end of the batch. I have to say though I was mildly horrified when 'the aunties' were here recently they were both drooling over a deep frying in Myer - which I thought was kind of like renouncing their Chinese heritage or something.

    Single Parent Dad said...

    The deep frying sounds deliciously dangerous. I've had a couple of blasts with oriental foods from scratch, but I even found frying prawn crackers a painful experience.

    Good luck.

    Nigel Patel said...

    "The Pimp"?
    Is this your contract broker?
    I've been on the rolls for three or four temp services at a time. It is quite frustrating.

    Violet said...

    donnasoowho: oh no! if you find deep frying a challenge - what with all your cookery expertise - then what have I, who can only make a stirfry that the boy refuses to eat?!

    single parent dad: as above!

    nigel: yeah, the pimp is the the people who're supposed to be arranging contracts for me. And it's as frustrating for me too.

    Violet said...

    donnasoowho: about the deep fryer. Your aunties are obviously relatively with-it and not too snobby to forgo the wok. You should be glad they aren't luddites.

    Anonymous said...

    No deep frying is a skill that eludes me (as is cooking eggs apart from boiling them). Even though my dad is virtually the KING of deep frying (especially prawn crackers). Apparently it's all to do with the oil (must be peanut) and getting the temperature right so that it crisps things up really quickly without burning.

    But surely your mum would be an oracle on deep frying that must be consulted?

    Think if you make a few test ones though you can kind of figure it out eventually.

    I always find the oil gets everywhere despite my best efforts so I put newspaper on all surfaces too. Or else end up unwittingly skidding over on a patch days later.

    PBS said...

    Wontons are so yummy! Someone always used to bring cheese ones to the company Christmas party. Hard to believe Christmas is nearly here, I'm not ready!

    Violet said...

    donnasoowho: yep my mum is queen of most things to do with Chinese food. She said not to turn the temperature up too high.
    I must have inherited some of her cooking genes after all, because I just deep-fried a batch and the half dozen I ate were very very noice...

    pbs: cheese wontons? Sounds like a cheap Italian version of a Chinese classic to me...