Sunday, August 31, 2008

A wee story

She hurried into the pharmacy, hoping it would not take long to locate a packet of the incontinence pads. She was in a foul mood and the last thing she needed was to waste precious minutes rummaging around in the "Feminine Hygene" aisle. But a quick in-an-out was not to be; she easily spotted the haircare, the fragrances and the cosmetics, but not those damned Tena Ladys.
The man behind the prescriptions counter looked up, noticing her look of annoyed impatience.
"Have you got any of those Tena Lady things?" Perhaps she should have waited for a female assistant.
He gave no sign that he knew what she was talking about.
"You know, like period pads! But for wees!" As soon as she said that, she wished she had turned down the volume. The other customers were looking in her direction. Sniggering maybe, or embarrassed for her.
But the man wasn't clueless after all. He pointed to a small shelf just to the right of the counter. The shelf had no doubt been picked for discretion. That is, it would have been, if she hadn't barked it out like a crazy-mad peasant.


Nigel Patel said...

Drug stores are designed for maximum embarrassment.
Must have been worse in the eighties when contraception was kept behind the counter.

Violet said...

yeah, I bet!

Ali-Belly said...

Yeah so I'm juvenile and still finding humour in things like Tena pads. In fact, it used to drive one of my teenage foster-daughters mad when I called her Tena-Marie Anne Bladderpads. Hilarious!
Are they for YOU, Violet??

Violet said...

Ali-Belly: no, they were NOT for me (sniff)!

Angela said...

That is the part about being blind that isnt so bad I can't see the people staring