Thursday, August 21, 2008

Natural-born permie

I know I've only been at this contracting gig for 4 months, but already I'm having frequent introspective periods of wondering whether I'm a born permie.

The money's good, and - in theory, at least - I can take time off more easily because I'm not bound to the 8.30-5.00 office hours.

But in reality, I don't take time off unless I really have to - partly because of my Chinese work ethic and partly because time is money. Actually, that really means it's all down to Chinese work ethic.

I don't think workplaces cut new contractors as much slack as new permanent employees. And I doubt that sitting around gassing all day is as acceptable for contractors as it is for permies. (I could be utterly wrong, but that's my perception and perception is reality.) Not to mention the fact I've had quite short term assignments (the current one is for 4 months).

And that's what I miss, sitting around gassing with work buddies whom I've known for months or years.

I'll stick it out for a year if I can, to give it a chance to grow on me and to give me a decent amount of tech writing experience. Then...who knows? Maybe even go back to The Bank where I worked for a longer than most Bebo kids have been alive.


Nigel Patel said...

I think I have that work ethic.
Though obviously it didn't transfer itself to higher education in my case.

Daddy L said...

I know plenty of lazy Chinese. There's my cousin Jack and... uh, me?

Anonymous said...

I'm only half lazy ;-). You know I still feel guilty taking holidays these days and actually going on holiday rather than using the time to have a working bee around the house or do spring cleaning.

I think I"m a natural-born permie too. I did heaps of temp work when I was at university - which was okay - but I like having 'my' work stuff. It takes a long time to accumulate a spectacular array of stationery, and to get the 'good' chair and the best desk etc etc which you can't do unless you're part of the pecking order.

Violet said...

nigel: the great thing about higher education is that you can get some just by reading, thinking and talking.

daddy l: Ok, that's 2 - maybe - out of how many billion?

donnasoowho: totally. I don't have my own desk, computer or phone. And I've put off bringing in a box of tissues because it won't have a permanent's a bit like being a bag lady.

Angela said...

That is what makes work more fun you need a few minutes at least to just gab