Tuesday, August 05, 2008

I was probably a little dehydrated too

You know the one. A woman goes into the Ladies', and when she comes out she's got her skirt tucked into her pantihose. It's not a good look, and these days you just hope the image isn't up on the Internet later that day.

I guess I was just a little too distracted by my two weeks of stress-y busy-ness, to remember to check...check...and double-check, before I left the Ladies' yesterday. I don't think anyone noticed, or if they did they were too polite to take photos.

But whenever I think back on those 5 minutes of exposure, my face just goes all crinkly.


Daddy L said...

Been searching and searching the Internet, and haven't found any pictures of you yet!

Violet said...

well thank the gods!

Angela said...

done that before and that is onereason to wear good underware